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Find Number for Brahmins in Buisness World
Find Number for Brahmins in Buisness World
Find Number for Brahmins in Buisness World
Find Number for Brahmins in Buisness World
Find Number for Brahmins in Buisness World
Find Number for Brahmins in Buisness World

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Learning and teaching is since ancient times remained profession and source of livelihood, till some decades ago, but with change of times and advancement of technologies, resulting in acute competition our community finding it hard to protect its hold. Till some decades in independent India, Government services with provided alternate employment opportunities, and with the inherent intellectuality and talent, we have succeeded to create a niche for ourselves in services; the reservation policies gradually eroded our presence in this sector too. Not only we have lost in Government employment, our interest in education lost attraction to the extent that we have now a days are hardly even trying for govt. jobs. Isolated cases are there where some of our children accomplished in technical and professional fields, here too our family attachment and personal taboos prevents us from settling away from home. Generally our children have to remain satisfied even with less then appropriate emolument then increasing their horizons.

In such an odd situation there is only one field remains open which have immense scope to grow, and only sky is the limit, and that is “Business”. This field have everything which one can expect, unlimited scope, incentive to be creative and imaginative, honour, and above all satisfaction of being your own boss. 

But it is very sad that till now our community have never shown much interest till recent, and now when the market becomes over populated, we are slowly moving our feet towards it. Some far-sighted thinkers who have made an early entry into are already well established and are a success story in itself.

In such a grim situation some of or brothers have thought that if something can be done in this matter to makes change in scenario and makes some far reaching changes to build stepping stones in making business and commerce a familiar and easy carrier option for our society, and the result is “PUSHKARNA PROFESSIONAL SOCIETY”  with aims and objects which includes but not limited to :-

  • To encourage youth to adopt trade and business as carrier and to develop entrepreneurship and leadership qualities in them.
  • To provide guidance in facing initial hurdles during establishing new projects and  helping to overcome them.
  • To provide information about government schemes and guiding to fetch maximum benefits from the schemes.
  • To keep them aware about upcoming changes, technologies, and threats to remain alert and face competition confidently.
  • To develop dedication towards the business amongst member businessmen.
  • To organize time to time events dedicated to learning marketing tactics and stretegies and motivatational lectures.
  • To develop a mobile application dedicated to co-coordinating all pushkarna businessmen and service providers and make them be accessible at one platform for the consumers.
  • To develop a feeling amongst community members to deal with community business only as far as possible.
  • If you are in to the filed since long and eager to share your knowledge and experience with fellow members of the community who wish to adopt business or self employment as their carrier.


Why Should you join Pushkarna Professional Society ?
  •   If you want to learn to run your business on highest standards and to keep pace with ever changing aspirations of consumer.
  • If you have already started your business on a initial stage and wish to know about information on Financial and business management necessary for further growth..
  • If you wish to get training and  knowledge on  how to run your business with full dedication towards ultimate consumer satisfaction and optimum growth.
  • If you wish to learn from the veterans of business from our community and gain from their wide experience.
  • If you wish to grow by co-operating fellow pushkarna businessmen in trade.

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